Who we are

Fersoot means a screw of an earring. Earring becomes useless without the screw. Everybody likes and gives compliments to a beautiful earring you wear, but no one notice the screw which is hold back your beautiful jewellery tight and intact, without which your beautiful piece of jewel is meaningless. We value and appreciate this support system present in all the fields. It presents at your home, work places, society, all over the globe, but we never notice it. It is always hidden but keeps supporting us all the time. With this name we want to pay our gratitude to the cosmic divine forces and to all those people for being our hidden support system all the time.

We at FERSOOT always committed to deliver better products and the best shopping experience to our customers from our end.
Trust and Transparency are our fundamental business principles. Fersoot has brought to you beautiful, stunning and timeless 92.5 % silver jewellery
Discover the world of silver magic with Fersoot!The ultimate destination for silver jewellery lovers. Our designs speak oneโ€™s heart out; which help you to express your emotions. Each and every piece of jewellery is designed carefully so that you will stand out in the crowd for sure; whether you want to wear it as a matching or as a contrast on your attire. Along with the plain silver jewellery we also include colours to it by using semi-precious gems and stones.  Colours are symbol of joy, happiness, festivities. Donโ€™t forget White is also a colour. Our sparkling CZ collection will set everybodyโ€™s eyes upon it. We pay close attention to every detail when it comes to our jewellery collection.

Our team of jewellery experts are here to guide you and help you to find the perfect jewellery piece for you.