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"Modern Serenity: A sophisticated Pendant Set of timeless elegance"

"Modern Serenity: A sophisticated Pendant Set of timeless elegance"

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Made in 925 Sterling Silver &ย  studded with premium zirconia.

The Inspiration:

Our exquisite jewellery piece seamlessly merges sleek sophistication with artistic craftsmanship, resulting in a stunning accessory that exudes grace and style. The pendant itself is a work of art, featuring intricate details and clean lines that showcase the essence of modern design.

ย The Design:

In the design collection, Its minimalist design is enhanced by the use of high-quality and premium range of zirconia stones and 925 sterling silver, adding a luxurious touch to the overall composition.

  • 92.5% Sterling Silver Pendant set.
  • Earring- height: 10mm , 10Width: mm
  • Pendant size : 15mm
  • Comes with Fersoot jewellery care instruction card and a ziplock bag to store the jewellery safely.
  • Content: Pendant Set.
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